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Connecting PEOPLE, Ideas & Technology


Go Maverick Group is a connector of people.  Whether you are a small to mid-size business, a large company or an agency; Go Maverick Group can help with your full-time, contract or contract-to-hire needs. Our forte is in finding talent for Creative, Marketing, Content, Sales and Technology positions.


Our experience and process set us apart - since we specialize in industries that we have worked in, we bring a deeper knowledge and broader network to our search. First, we take the time to understand your organization, its people and culture. We'll also learn what's most important about the position you are looking to fill and present you with the most qualified talent.  Then, you take the candidate through your process and decide for yourself.  We are always forthcoming with what we are seeing in the market and will let you know if you are looking for that purple squirrel.  


Check out the types of roles we can help with:

  • Technology:  App and Mobile Development, DevOps, Network and System Admin, BA, QA, IT Manager

  • Marketing: Digital & Traditional, MarCom, Analytics, Manager, Paid, Organic, Social, Account Manager, Programmatic Media Buying

  • Creative: UI/UX, Designer, Photographer, Production, Front End Developer, Art Director, Creative Director

  • Content: Strategist, SEO, Social, Writer, Editor, Proofreader

  • Sales: Inside Reps, Managers, Directors

  • Executive Search: Marketing, Creative, Technology & Sales

Looking for someone else?  Well, just ask, maybe we can help with that too.  If it’s not our area of expertise, then we can connect you with someone better suited to meet your needs.  Contact us below or read on to find out more.


We'd love to have a conversation or setup an initial meeting to learn more about you, your company and how we can help. Call, email or fill out the form below to get started!

Thank you for reaching out. We will be in touch shortly!


Looking for something new?  From recent grad to seasoned executive, Go Maverick Group can help.  We focus on finding you the right job based on your experience, culture and career goals.   Check out some of the positions currently available. Click on any to learn more.


Everyone boasts of having a great culture, but what does that mean?  Nobody ever says, “our culture is OK or it's miserable.” So how do you really know if your culture is as good as you think?  Having a great culture makes it easier to attract and retain top talent.  At the end of the day, that is going to save you both time and money.  


Having a positive work environment doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a fortune.  It’s the little things that count most, but are often overlooked.  Go Maverick Group uses a personal approach when assessing your culture.  We'll come onsite to talk with you about what you think the challenges are and observe the environment.  Next, we’ll meet one on one with members of your team to get their perspective.  Finally, we’ll compile our findings and present you with recommendations on areas to improve and how they can be implemented.  Employee appreciation = employee satisfaction.


It’s important to remember that everyone who enters your hiring process could be a potential customer.  If not a customer, then keep in mind that people are more likely to share a negative experience than a good one.  That alone, is enough to give your company a bad rep.  You can’t offer every applicant a job or prevent every bad experience, but a well-managed hiring process can leave everyone feeling much more positive.  Go Maverick Group can evaluate your candidate journey and the messaging delivered, then identify areas of opportunity to improve.  In many cases, it is simply a matter of upfront expectation setting and better communication.  It could be that the candidate you passed on today, is just the one you’ll need tomorrow.

Don't have time to find the right talent?  Go Maverick Group can help.  You're good at what you do, so let us do what we are good at doing.  You can outsource the entire hiring process to us.  We'll help you define what you are looking for, create the job description, post it, source and deliver candidates directly to you.  Once you've made your hire, our job is done.  

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