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Connecting People, Ideas & TECHNOLOGY


We help small to mid-sized businesses better utilize technology in order to become more efficient, secure, and agile. After learning about your goals, opportunities, concerns and pain points; we get to work crafting and executing a technology strategy that best suits your needs. Go Maverick Group can help you redefine your approach as to how technology is being used and then leverage it to its fullest capacity.  In doing all of this, we help you to achieve one or more of the following:   

  • Reduce IT costs​​​​​​

  • Modernize your IT infrastructure​​

  • Increase employee collaboration 

  • Create simple, cost-effective websites that you can manage yourself

  • Take advantage of modern IT solutions 

  • Scale IT quickly when needed

  • Secure and protect your environment against increasing threats

  • Backup critical data to prepare for the unexpected

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all technology solution, that’s why we tailor a plan specific to your business. Let’s connect today, so we can learn more about your technology needs and goals.  Read on to learn more about the additional ways we can help.


We'd love to start a conversation or setup an initial meeting to learn more about you, your company and how we may be able to help. Shoot us an email or fill out the form below to get started!

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Looking to easily manage and secure your IT environment?  Microsoft Office 365 is the answer. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we are well-versed in all things Office 365. Whether you're contemplating a switch to Office 365 or already use it and want to maximize your investment; here are a few ways Go Maverick Group can help:

  • Migrate your existing email to Office 365

  • Utilize industry-leading, best practices to secure existing Office 365 environments

  • Enable easy collaboration with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive

  • Simplify user and password management with Azure Active Directory

  • Secure your users with Multi-Factor Authentication and Conditional Access

  • Well-secured backups of email and documents, with easy access from anywhere and any device

Our clients generally fall under one or more of these scenarios. They want to switch to Office 365 but need a crash course on how to get started.  Others are already using Office 365 but are not taking advantage of the powerful collaboration and backup tools available, even though they are already paying for them. And almost all of our clients need help securing their environment. It is imperative to protect your data and prevent users from falling victim to increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks. 

If any of these describe you, we can help!


Many small businesses are still using the same hardware and software platforms they’ve been using for years. If you're looking to modernize the way you consume and support technology, it can be much easier and more affordable than you think! We help companies identify and replace older systems with contemporary hardware and cloud-based solutions in nearly all aspects of the office environment:​

  • Fast and affordable desktops, laptops and tablets for end users

  • Easily managed networking and server hardware

  • Feature-rich, affordable VoIP solutions to replace legacy phones

  • Video and audio-conferencing solutions that don't break the bank

  • Reliable and scalable storage for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

We focus on solutions that are tailored to your needs and deliver a quick return on investment. In many cases, we've been able to help companies eliminate nearly all of the hardware they've been long supporting, by migrating over to cloud-based solutions. Not only are these solutions far easier to manage, but also extremely cost-efficient. They usually pay for themselves almost immediately, by eliminating the upfront costs of expensive hardware. 


Cloud-based solutions can offer exceptional advantages, especially to small and mid-sized businesses. Replacing on premise hardware with cloud-based solutions can eliminate the need for costly support and maintenance, often with no up-front cost. Software-as-a-Service solutions can provide immediate access to modern, easy-to-use and robust platforms that are continually updated and maintained for you. Most solutions can also scale with your business, allowing you to pay for only what you need, when you need it. Here are some examples of cloud-based solutions we've helped with:

  • Microsoft Office 365 for email and document collaboration

  • Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive for real-time collaboration and storage

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory for identity management and security

  • Microsoft Azure DR for backups, disaster recovery and business continuity

  • Microsoft Azure Sentinel for security event monitoring

  • Cloud-hosted vulnerability scanning and management tools

  • SaaS endpoint protection for anti-virus, spyware and malware protection

  • Cloud-hosted VoIP solutions for easy and scalable telephony

  • SaaS CRM and ERP platforms to sell more and manage less

  • Cloud-hosted CMS sites for great looking, easily manageable websites

  • SaaS ticketing systems for managing IT helpdesk and vendor projects

Not only are these industry-leading options in their category, but they are incredibly easy to manage and cost-effective. That means once you've switched to cloud-based solutions, you can manage them yourself. Moreover, you won't need to hire additional IT staff or incur the extra cost of a managed service provider.

Go Maverick Group can help you stop talking about the cloud and start leveraging it.


Many of our clients find themselves needing help with IT strategy and support, but cannot justify the expensive, full-time staff required. Several companies use managed service providers, but that can come with a high price tag and a lot of limitations. Managed service providers are often times too focused on justifying their monthly expense by keeping your IT infrastructure complex and difficult to maintain.

That's where Go Maverick Group comes in. As a virtual CIO, our goal is to be a part of your business. We provide real value by transforming how you use technology with solutions that will move your business forward. Whether you need us every week, month, or just for occasional expert advice, we are on-deck to help. You get access to high-level expertise and forward-thinking IT strategy, without the full-time expense. That's a real win-win. Here are some of the ways our Virtual CIO services have helped clients:

  • Created a 3-year IT road map and strategy, adding modern insight to existing in-house IT staff

  • Helped two companies merge IT departments post acquisition

  • Completely replaced an inefficient, managed service provider with cost-effective, forward-thinking IT strategy and support.

  • IT Project Management for modernizing and securing existing web apps from multiple vendors

  • Updated company branding, complete with new website for lead generation and backend marketing technology

  • Architected new mobile app, allowing our client a competitive marketplace advantage

We fill the gap between expensive consulting firms and managed service providers that only focus on maintaining the status quo. Our clients repeatedly tell us how amazed they are that these projects costed significantly less than they anticipated. Our virtual CIO services save you money and deliver an ROI you just can’t beat.

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