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Looking for an outside the box solution? You're in luck, because we don't think inside a box (or a cubicle for that matter).

When your organization's People, Ideas and Technology are in sync; the possibilities are limitless. We focus on empowering our clients to leverage all three by truly understanding their goals, then developing practical and efficient solutions that produce maximum ROI.


At Go Maverick Group, we stand apart from others in the industry. Our approach is simple, innovative and authentic. We use our combined expertise and over 25 years of experience in both the agency and client sectors to develop solutions that meet your technology, marketing, content and creative needs. Whether that be helping to develop your technology strategy, specialized recruiting, creating process efficiencies or increasing business optimization; Go Maverick Group can help.



Having the right people is essential to any successful organization. At Go Maverick Group, we do more than just find you the next person to fill an open seat. We take the time to get to know your organization and find out what's important. Then we match skill set, personality, culture fit and career goals of the best professionals in the market to ensure you have the right people to take your business to the next level. It's not just about bringing in new talent, we can also help  improve your culture and your hiring process.


We are Mavericks. Forward thinking, innovators. We have a passion for talking with people and businesses about new ideas, future plans, successes and failures. Go Maverick Group can help you think through projects, create efficiencies, find the right partner or provide a new perspective to an old situation. We help you solve the problems you are facing with unique and straight-forward solutions. Leverage our experience in helping others to help you.


Technology is used everywhere and is constantly evolving, with innovations being introduced every day. But what does that mean to your organization? Go Maverick Group helps small to mid-size businesses redefine what IT is for your company, how it works and how it can be leveraged to save you money, while helping your business grow. We take a holistic approach to help with all aspects of technology, from strategy to implementation to support. Stop reading about the cloud and start utilizing it.


We'd be happy to talk with you about your hiring needs, technology solutions, your next career opportunity, current market trends, business optimization or simply give you a recommendation on the best place to grab lunch. Fill out the form below or contact us directly, just don't tell Jenny where you got her number.



Send us your resume and let us leverage our vast network to help you find your next opportunity.    We accept all formats:


"Go Maverick Group's process is refreshing to see vs. other recruiting firms I've worked with."

- Arien T., Director of Development




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